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We have set up phone sessions with our traditional counselors for those that would like support during our healing camp shut down in the NWT. We will operate regular business hours from 9am-12pm and 1pm-5pm and staff will be able to call you back during your session time so you don't have to pay long distance if you are calling from one of the communities in the NWT outside of Yellowknife. Please ensure you only call during those time frames so that we can allow our support staff to also take rest. Contact information as follows:
William Greenland- 867-446-1346
Annie Mitsima- 867-688-3027
Ruth Mercredi- 867-444-1949
For any questions or difficulties getting through, please contact our executive director Wilbert Cook at: 867-447-1095 or email: wcook@arcticindigenouswellness.org or info@arcticindigenouswellness.org
Stay safe and reach out if you would like support through this difficult time.

Canadian Based:

Indigenous Climate Action
Webinar on COVID19 and Indigenous Communities Many Indigenous Peoples are at high risk of contracting COVID19 due to a lack of clean running water, overcrowded housing, and a lack of adequate healthcare. This is not the first time we have been faced with a health crisis, and to get through it will take some Indigen-uity. From traditional medicines to staying safe while on reserve, we’re bringing together some Indigenous health experts on keeping ourselves and our communities healthy during this time. As Indigenous Peoples, we know that the health of our lands is directly connected to the health of our bodies. Due to the destruction of our lands and territories, we have an increased susceptibility to COVID19 from poisoned waters and the destruction of our traditional medicines, among many other vulnerabilities. In this webinar, we aim to show that the healing of Indigenous lands and Peoples must be done together. Moderators: Waasakom and Eriel Tchekwie Deranger Speakers: Isaac Murdoch James Makokis Nitanis Desjarlais Jeff Wastisicoot This webinar was presented in collaboration with Idle No More and NDN fellows, Waasekom and Jesse Cardinal.

United States based; however, we face similar issues in Canada. ...

United States based; however, we face similar issues in Canada.

For the safety of our staff, clients and Elders we have made the difficult decision to close our urban healing camp until further notice. We will be keeping up with the recommendations for social distancing and will keep the public updated on re-opening for both our breakfast program and daily services when the time comes. We are in the process of setting up phone support for those that still want to access supportive services during the closure and will be in touch soon on this. ...


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So important to keep you all safe! The work you do is so important for the community. Must have been a hard decision to make.

Prayers to your community 🙏🏼❤️🌀🙏🏼❤️🌀🙏🏼

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