At the AIWF, people are at the centre of everything we do. Meet some of the faces that represent the LIVING RESULTS of our work.

Recent Participant Quotes

“This is where I really belong… not out there where I feel lost on the streets” –homeless participant

“Good to know that people take time to come show us things, we should learn as much as we can” –youth participant

“If we can have a safe place to talk like we do now in this workshop about sensitive problems, and where nobody makes us feel bad for getting help we will be much better” –adult male participant

“I make my people proud now, I even make my community proud” -adult male participant

“I feel so proud of our young men” –elder

“When we talk of our family history, I didn’t know I had so many people in my family. Good to hear the stories for the elders” –youth participant

“I wish to go back on the land, I love being out there, especially hunting” –youth participant

“I like to be able to share stories with younger guys of how I grew up and what it means of how to respect and live off the land. I don’t want our youth to get lost in the way things are going in today’s world, like computers and video gaming, being stuck in that, but try to get out on the land more often. I want to pass my knowledge on.” –homeless participant

“When it is time to head back into town they don’t want to leave, they say ‘why so soon…there is nothing in town for us’. That is when I feel good that I am able to just get them out of town for a short time and always encourage them that we can always come back tomorrow. Every time I would see them down town the next day I would ask if they feel like going out and they would not hesitate, they just say “YES lets go now”” –on the land program helper